Powell Homes First Home Buyers

Designs that tick all the boxes for first home buyers!

Are you searching for that perfect first home design?

Choosing a home design for your first home can be a difficult decision, especially because you are doing it for the first time. As well as learning all the processes, dealing with banks, builders and land developers and even learning the right lingo, you also have to pick a home that you are likely to live in for many years to come. But the stress doesn’t end there, you not only have to think about what life stages you might go through in this home you also have to consider what will happen when you become ready to move on. When that time arrives your home design is no longer about you, it becomes about what excites a potential buyer or tenant-to-be.

Here at Powell Homes we are well versed in what markets well so we have listed the most important factors to consider when choosing a home design for the first time. We have also made a few suggestions on what we think are perfect home designs for first-time home buyers.

Look towards the future

Extra space should be a high priority for first home buyers. If you are planning to have children in the future, it may be wise to accommodate for them. Choosing a home with more bedrooms should be a higher priority than any other ‘additional’ features like a stone benchtop, double shower or vanity in the ensuite. These can easily be added down the track, but extra space is more difficult to come by.

Quartz is a versatile design has generous living and entertaining spaces for the growing family. You’ll love the home theatre, outdoor room and master suite to the front of the home.

Buy a home under your maximum buying capacity

Even if you expect your household income to increase in the coming years, never build a home beyond your current means. You never quite know what the future may hold, whether it be an interest rate hike, children, new cars or an accident, pushing yourself to the absolute limit of your budget is never a good idea. You still want some money to play on the weekends right? keep in mind this is your first home, not your last there is plenty of time to build your dream home down the track.

Dual is a duplex, which can be a good way to bring in extra income. Live in one side… comfortably, might I add! and rent out the other to increase your return and reduce the amount you have to pay on your mortgage.

Make sure you love the floor plan

Some people may find themselves caught up by the stunning interior design of a display home, and forget to be practical. Always picture yourself actually living in the home, and if you already have furniture, work out whether you are going to be able to bring it with you. Try running through your day-to-day activities and see how the flow of the home works with you.

Ruby has a seamless flow from the entry right through to the back alfresco area. Ruby is a very popular home due to the open plan kitchen and indoor-outdoor living space, making it one of our favourite home designs for first-time home buyers.

Or, with the Powell team’s help you could design something completely original and perfectly suited for your big plans!

Ultimately, don’t lose sight of the goal – keep referring back to why you’re doing this in the first place. If your reason for moving was to simply get into the property market, make sure you don’t get caught up in the design process and end up with a bigger home than you started with. Similarly, if it’s going to eventually be an investment, consider the marketability of the home to ensure it will be attractive to a wide audience.